Go From Snapshots to Storytelling Part 2


In Part 1 of How I Go From Snapshots to Storytelling with 3 Simple Questions,  I described the questions I use to help move from snapshots to storytelling.  In Part 2 I want to walk through a quick example of how I incorporate these questions into a vacation / location shoot. Just to be clear, I still capture the snapshots right up front as I am still not comfortable enough to go right into the focused storytelling at the risk of not getting any usable images.  I'm working on that but want to set myself up for success.

As many of you know that follow me, I enjoy all things Disney.  A few years ago I had a personal project with my Disney Friday Featured Images. 

When I visited Orlando for that project I wanted to make sure I came away with nice, safe images for my family and to be able to post on the blog.  I also wanted to be able to convey the Disney attention to detail and the emotion my youngest son experiences every time we go to the Magic Kingdom.

So I have a plan of attack which allows me to get both the safe but excellent images along with the emotion and detail shots.

There are four parks and we typically spend more than four days there so there is an opportunity to revisit each of the parks.  The first visit through each park is when I capture the iconic images of the "Castle" "The Ball"  and "The Hat".  I also capture all the signs and attraction images I needed to identify the locations.  I try and focus on this in the early morning light and then again during the late day light.

After I have these captured, reviewed and backed-up I am able to take the photography deeper.  I can now focus on telling the story and conveying the emotions of the place without having to worry about getting my assignment work complete.  I am free to then go through my question flow to get focused on conveying the deeper images.  I need this, as I don't try and pose the images but rather have the questions answered and then I focus on capturing wonderment, happiness, without clouding my mind with other noise or thoughts

People will say that these images are better than the safe, shots but in my current photography development I need to capture the safe shots get my mind like water (thanks David Allen) and let me be completely focused in the emotional capture.  No worry or anxiety means better images, for me.

As I move farther down the development of my photographic craft, the amount of time needed on safe to get to storytelling will be much much less, and I think this will be in direct correlation with my confidence and skill.  Also the amount of pressure I put on myself will also cloud my ability to focus clearly on the emotion and storytelling.

I hope these two published posts help you get better more compelling photographic images as you move from snapshots to storytelling

I hope this helps.