Why I am reading physical Magazines again

Are you chasing your dreams or just coasting along?  Are you striving for personal gold or settling for silver?
The Champion's Mind

I am going back to reading physical magazines and books. 

A few benefits with the physical version:

  • Having a physical magazine around lets me pick up and read in sprints rather than feeling like I need to read the entire magazine in one sitting.  
  • The physical magazine is a great visual queue for me to read it.  
  • I can quickly tear out pages or jot down notes for items I want to keep. (I actually scan in the torn out pages and get them into Dropbox or Evernote.)
  • I can actually get through the materials faster in physical form than electronic.
  • I know when I have finished the material as the magazine goes right into recycling.
  • I find reading the physical magazine makes it easier to get through the material.  


So how am I reading now?

I subscribe to both the physical and electronic versions when they are both available.    Most magazines offer deals on this 2 for 1 option so it is not that costly.  More on the electronic version later. 

I read with my Leuchtturm 1917 notebook by my side along with my favorite fountain pen, or my trusty Space Pen for taking notes.  I capture notes and thoughts as I read.  If there is a page that I want to save I just tear it out and scan it for further use.  I find this works well for me with ads and full page items that I need to evaluate later.

When I am done I recycle the physical magazine.  

Electronic Version

I use the electronic version for archive in case I want to go back and re-read or research something.  Having the material around electronically in a single app essentially takes up no space and doesn't create any noticeable clutter.

For magazines that don't offer a physical version, or if I am traveling, I read the electronic version on my iPad.  I still have my Leuchtturm 1917 by my side for notes.

I hope this is helpful and let me know in the comments below how you are consuming content.