When to Modify Your Goals Rather Than Take a Knee

Modifying Your Goals

As many of you know I have been training for the Raleigh 70.3 Ironman Triathlon.  This was a stretch goal but something I was focused on.  

During my training I experienced a knee injury and an achilles tendon injury.  Along with many missed days of training due to sickness.  Now as I write this I am fifteen weeks away from the race and it is time to reconsider.

I am reassessing my goal and objectively comparing my current fitness state, with the necessary fitness level I need for success, and the time available.  Fifteen weeks is not enough time.  

My "all in" approach is great for achievement and focus but is a detriment to my health.  I know if I continue to push towards Raleigh I will go too fast too soon and there is a high risk of injury which would probably be more severe. So do I just take a knee and give up?  Nope.

When you are faced with goals that are unachievable given the current circumstances you don't need to quit.  Here is what I did:

What was your underlying reason?

My reason for doing the triathlon was to get in great shape.  Training for the Raleigh race is not the only way to do that.  I also wanted to do something completely different has I hadn't completed any triathlon.

Can you modify your measure of success?

Last time I checked the Raleigh race was not the only triathlon out there.  What if I picked another race?  I know I have sunk money into the entrance fee but that was not all lost.  The money was an investment in, and drove my fitness level to this point so definitely worth it.   

What are the facts?

I was unhappy, depressed and unmotivated after my latest injury and it was hard to set that aside and look at the facts.  Talking with my doctors, and my coach I was able to conclude that I shouldn't just quit.  I focused on the facts and not the emotional state I was in. 

Should you quit?

I did review my current state and seriously evaluate quitting.  I was depressed and unmotivated and considered taking a knee or quitting.   I also focused on what I consider goal success which is have I improved my trajectory.  Based on my true underlying reason for the goal was I really moving forward.  My goal wasn't to be world champion but rather to get in great shape and achieve something totally different.  I could still do it.

Re-adjust your goal?

What did I do?  I got back up of the ground and registered for another race.  This race is right after the Raleigh race in Mid-June and is a shorter race.  I signed up for the Maumee Bay SprintTriathlon  http://www.hfpracing.com/events/fit/maumeebay/eventinfo.htm  .  

When faced with the decision to quit or give up on a goal, take are hard look at your true reasons, gather the facts and see what your real alternatives are before you just quit.