Photography like Fishing

Boy in a Mickey Mouse Hat fishing on a dock

Recently I was out fishing with my son, when I realized how similar fishing and photography are. As any boy will do, after a few minutes fishing with a worm he decided enough was enough. For the next hour we went through every lure in the tackle box ending with a lure that was twice the size of any fish in the pond. He was enjoying himself but never caught anything. As I was watching him and changing the lures I realized how as adults we can act like kids with a full tackle box.

How often do we lug around that full tackle box and just run through all the lens in the bag, running and gunning and still not catching anything? I am as guilty as the next guy going through the gear as fast as my son goes through bait. But after that trip my son helped me realize that I needed to get back to basics.

In this day of instant gratification why aren’t we satisfied with the traditional 50 mil (worm)? Maybe even the red and white daredevil 85 mil.!! Back when we were kids we were able to spend the whole day using the worm, mastering the worm, catching fish and really enjoying the whole day. We need to be more like we were as kids (at least back when I was a kid). Rather than drag a full tackle box of lens and gear around just take the worm and enjoy it. When was the last time you took one lure and really enjoyed it, really mastered it, and really caught the big one with it.

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That’s it for today....goin’ fishing.