Is Fishing 99% Failure?

99% of the time you don't have a fish on.  Does that mean you're failing 99% of time?  Not a very motivating thought.  No, fishing for me is much more than just fish on. Interesting thought though and made me want to think about why I fish.  I do it for relaxation, the challenge of getting a fish on, and the satisfaction of catching fish on flies that I have built.  Fishing is a great stress reliever for me.  I also enjoy shopping for the next great lure or reel or rod; something that will double my success rate.  Boy, a lot of work for 1%.  Improvising on how I fish a bait to see if I can push my luck past 1%.  I really enjoy the scenery and nature as I fish.  I enjoy the anticipation and planning for that outing. I enjoy meeting new people or guides on the water.  I enjoy the learning part just as much as the cork in my hand.

Most of all I enjoy being with my son on the water.  The time spent with him makes it successful 100% of the time, even if we are just fishing.  Don't miss out on that.