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You're never too old to get in shape, learn a new skill or to enjoy a new hobby. Life should never slow down. I should know, I am in my early fifties and in the last four years I have taken up ice hockey, started training for my first triathlon, started a daily exercise streak that is over 400 days long, started a couple of blogs, and taken up fishing again, just to name a few items. I enjoy writing about the things I enjoy, all while managing a successful career as a finance executive. I love enjoying my passions and finding new ones! You can do this too.

Here at jdhayes.com I will share with you what I am doing, enjoying, thinking about doing and take you along with me on the journey to enjoy life and to continue to push myself forward. Hey, I'm in finance and not a doctor or health care professional, but will share what has worked for me, what hasn't and what I am enjoying.  My hope that you will be inspired to get up and enjoy. You really can enjoy anything  you put your mind to.

I will share what sports I am involved in, what I'm learning, information on everything from photography, fishing, fly tying, personal improvement, technology, to Disney. I hope you will come back and enjoy what you see and read.

JDhayes.com is about exploring and taking action, making choices and constantly challenging yourself. I might even share the latest board game I'm enjoying.

Come along on the journey.