Preseason games are great outings

baseball game with batter swinging at a pitch.
baseball game with batter swinging at a pitch.

Sports preseason  games are great outings for friends and families. In the US the four major sports have preseason or exhibition games. These games are typically not as well attended as the regular season games and are great opportunities to experience a fun day out.

  • There are fewer people at preseason games then regular season games so parking, concessions, and dare I say the restrooms, are not nearly as crowded.
  • Usually the best seats are held by season ticket holders. Season ticket holders don't attend all the preseason games so there are great seats available. All the major sports have authorized reseller programs for season ticket holders so you don't have to resort to "Mr. Need tickets" on the street corner.
  • You get to see a mix of established veteran players along with the future stars that will be playing in the league in the future.
  • For baseball you can also turn it into a vacation as baseball's preseason is in Arizona and Florida. Great places to visit in the February - March timeframe.
  • The baseball preseason or spring training stadiums are also much smaller than the major league parks so you can really get awesome views of your favorite teams.

Here is Central Ohio my family and I went over to Columbus for the last Blue Jackets game and had a great time. The entertainment district around the area didn't have the usual crowds so we were able to get a table for dinner at Ted's Montana Grill after 10 minute wait. A great way to get ready for the game.

We picked up great seats 3 rows off the ice which were great. My wife was even able to get a great shot of Mr. Carrie Underwood to send off to her country music loving mother!

When you start thinking that those awesome seats are out of reach for you and your family think again, exhibition games for your favorite teams may be the answer.