Triathlon Tuesday 8th Edition


Review your Season - Kevin over at TriSwimcoach provides a great structured outline for evaluating your season and planning for the next.  Although focused on swimming, this equally relevant for triathletes.

Quick Shoulder Exercise – The shoulders are typically neglected when it comes to strength training by triathletes.  This quick 1 minute video offers a great exercise.  There are many other one minute videos focused on training for triathletes.

Quick Set Friday: Pre-Race Tune-Up – Sara McLarety has a wonderful site with hundreds of triathlon workouts.  This one is a pre-race swim workout. 

Xlab Kompact Between the Arms "BTA" Hydration System – I switched over the weekend to this to BTA system.  This is a simple cage that firmly attaches to your aerobars and holds any water bottle.  Secure and much easier than the Speedfil I had with the straw.  I constantly found myself trying to find the straw with my mouth so this works much better.