Triathlon Training while Traveling

This weekend I enjoyed a weekend away from home with the family.  This driving vacation offered a lot towards my training.  

I was able to ride a completely different course.  A fun loop around Stony Creek Metropark was enjoyable, challenging and a great change of pace.

I was able to get a strength training workout in with the equipment at the house we were staying at.  Different equipment allowed me to change up my strength routine and try something new.  I was able to challenge different muscle groups. 

I was also able to get in a nice leisure recovery ride with the family as we all brought our bikes.  It was fun to see a Tri-bike, a racing bike and a beach cruiser all sharing space on the hitch rack.  

I was able to practice packing for an out-of-town race (which I have coming up in a few weeks at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon).  This try run was a great way to see how I was going to transport my nutrition, what gear I really needed, and what tools I needed to bring.  Even down to the clothing I needed.  I forgot nothing and as always relied upon my checklists.

I would say that if you have a trip coming up don’t discount or suspend your training - take advantage of the opportunity to:

  •  Clear your mind
  • Ride, run or swim somewhere different
  • Energy your training with a change of scenery
  • Practice packing and preparing for an out of town event.

It was a great way to jumpstart my training and to enjoy a long weekend from home.  I hope you get to do the same during your training.




Triathlon Tuesday 3rd Edition

This week’s triathlon gear and training and goodies.

Yoga for Triathletes by Jennifer Alexander CD - Great warm down yoga routine for after workouts.  Really focusses on the lower back and legs. Awesome way to cool down and stretch out.  She also has a full one-hour yoga routine on the CD.  Well worth the $25.  I use this regularly to try and keep my lower body flexible. – This is the go-to triathlon and endurance sport training log.  I have my Garmin account automatically linked to my account so that everything is synced up.  They offer syncing for numerous devices.

If you have a coach, you can log your coach in and they can review your workout data.  

StretchRite Stretching Strap -This strap sits in my home office and I use it daily.  A quick way to easily stretch your hamstrings.  As someone over 50 I am focused on, and spend a lot of time, stretching out and trying to stay flexible.  This is a key tool I use daily.

The One-Hour Bike and Run Race Preparation Workout from Triathlete and coach Mike Ricci, owner of D3 Multisport  -This workout is designed for the Sprint or Olympic distance triathlete that wants a focused time efficient workout.  Mike gets you through a great bike and run workout in an hour. 

Thule 9029XT Hitch Mounted Four-Bike Rack -This hitch mounted rack comes in a four and two bike option.  I have the four bike option.  This is a heavy, solid rack that includes sway straps, folding arms and the ability to fold the rack down to allow access to the back of your vehicle.  This rack also installs with one bolt which although extremely secure, allows for removal in less than a minute.  


Triathlon Tuesday 1st Edition

I am a beginner triathlete so I spend a lot of time researching, learning and training. I benefit from all work others have done sharing lessons learned, product reviews and resources.  There’s a lot out there.

I am putting together a weekly summary of things I have discovered, experienced myself, bought etc. Every Tuesday I will publish a brief post on what I discovered, bought, experienced in the hopes of helping on you this triathlon journey. 

Here’s the first edition

1.  A book I just finished and really enjoyed Triathlon 2.0: Data-Driven Performance Training by Jim Vance

This book distills down all the training and racing data you collect allowing you to efficiently train and race.  A great resource to help design and specify a training and racing plan geared towards your strengths, weaknesses and goals.

 2. Tower 26-Be Race Ready Podcast   

Coach Gerry Rodrigues and pro triathlete Jim Lubinski host this regular podcast dedicated to open water swimming.  With regular 30 minute podcasts Gerry and Jim condense the key information and workouts you need to be successful in open water.  They help bridge the critical differences between pool and open water swimming.  Great information from a proven coach and pro triathlete.

3.  Zen and the Art of Triathlon Podcast

Brent Blankner hosts this podcast and as the ITunes summary says “A triathlete's view on training, racing, and living the multisport life. Listen in for insider tips, methods, dealing with family, injury, traveling, and racing.”  This is a long podcast from the perspective of the working age grouper as he goes about balancing training, racing, work and family.  Good practical information in the regular podcast.  Each podcast cast last 2+ hours, and typically have an interview.

4.  Fueling Mistakes Triathletes Make Article 

In triathlons your success usually comes down to training and fueling. I found I was making a lot of fueling mistakes. This article describes four common fueling mistakes we have probably all made.  

 5. Beginning Running Tips Article

Running is the hardest of the three disciplines for me.  I raced road bikes right after college and did swim some in my youth.  As a beginner triathlete I am having the hardest time with the run.  Be it finding the time, avoiding injuries or enjoying it.  I found this article on beginner running tips interesting and helpful.


That's all for this week.  Enjoy


Knee Injury Turning a Negative into a Positive


Everyone who takes up a sport or physical activity has an injury at some point.For me it was ice hockey.Although I'm in a non-contact league, there is still contact and that turned into a meniscus injury.The Doctor says nothing torn so six weeks of non-impact exercise and I should be back on the road.Sounds like my training is on-hold for a month and a half.

Not so quick.For me this is a great opportunity to focus on the two disciplines that don't involve impact: swimming and cycling.

Off to to set up 6 weeks of training focused on swimming, cycling, and one weekly session of upper body strength training.And for me swimming and cycling are my weakest links so this is a huge opportunity to focus on these two disciplines. 

My six week general plan includes:

  • Monday - upper body strength training
  • Tuesday, Friday, Sunday - of cycling (2 indoor on trainer 1 longer ride outdoors)
  • Wednesday, Saturday - swimming (Indoor masters swim team - Up and Running)and 1 outdoors)
  • Thursday - Rest day

This has really helped me as I am in active rehab of my knee and really feel no pain while working out.I have focused on 4 hours of training per week on a 3 - 1 sequence. (3 heavy and 1 recovery).I am easing into this new triathlon thing as I have 34 weeks (as of this post) until my A event the Raleigh 70.3 in June 2016.

I am also using the time to work on and refine my annual training plan and enjoying the immersive learning process with my new sporting endeavor.I have been reading and researching training plans as my goal is to really build a good base and then start with a formal training plan 24 weeks out from Raleigh. 

Even with the injury I am able to increase my fitness and focus on two discipline [I haven't focused on in years.A positive in my book.Have you had any experiences like this?