Knee Injury Turning a Negative into a Positive


Everyone who takes up a sport or physical activity has an injury at some point.For me it was ice hockey.Although I'm in a non-contact league, there is still contact and that turned into a meniscus injury.The Doctor says nothing torn so six weeks of non-impact exercise and I should be back on the road.Sounds like my training is on-hold for a month and a half.

Not so quick.For me this is a great opportunity to focus on the two disciplines that don't involve impact: swimming and cycling.

Off to to set up 6 weeks of training focused on swimming, cycling, and one weekly session of upper body strength training.And for me swimming and cycling are my weakest links so this is a huge opportunity to focus on these two disciplines. 

My six week general plan includes:

  • Monday - upper body strength training
  • Tuesday, Friday, Sunday - of cycling (2 indoor on trainer 1 longer ride outdoors)
  • Wednesday, Saturday - swimming (Indoor masters swim team - Up and Running)and 1 outdoors)
  • Thursday - Rest day

This has really helped me as I am in active rehab of my knee and really feel no pain while working out.I have focused on 4 hours of training per week on a 3 - 1 sequence. (3 heavy and 1 recovery).I am easing into this new triathlon thing as I have 34 weeks (as of this post) until my A event the Raleigh 70.3 in June 2016.

I am also using the time to work on and refine my annual training plan and enjoying the immersive learning process with my new sporting endeavor.I have been reading and researching training plans as my goal is to really build a good base and then start with a formal training plan 24 weeks out from Raleigh. 

Even with the injury I am able to increase my fitness and focus on two discipline [I haven't focused on in years.A positive in my book.Have you had any experiences like this?