Have Fun with the Board Game 5 Second Rule - Just Spit it Out

5 Second Rule Board Game

At Christmas we got the game 5 Second Rule - Just Spit it Out!  And no it doesn't involve picking food quickly off the floor.  The game is quick to learn and extremely fun to play.  The setup is easy; basically pull the box of cards and the timer out of the box and you are ready to play.  I would say the game is more fun with 4 or more players.  We had six the first time we played. 

The objective of the game is simple — accumulate the most points.  You get a point for each question you successfully answer.  Simple

The game is played by one player drawing a card and reading the card to the player to his right.  That player has 5 seconds to complete the list of 3.  The cards require you to list 3 of something.  Examples include:  Name 3 famous Johns, Name 3 of the Great Lakes.  We played that you could pick either question on the two-sided cards.  

Where the game gets interesting is that if you can't answer all three then the card goes to the player on the right for them to try.  The big catch is that you can't use any of the previous answers.  All within 5 seconds. 

The other players act as judge and jury as they decide if an answer is acceptable.  Also my suggestion is that you keep your smartphone handy; you will be looking up answers to verify what someone says.  Better be ready for some loud heckling and good-natured arguing.  We definitely brought the energy level up while playing this game. 

5 Second Rule is a quick, fun energetic game that really adds pressure by limiting the time to answer to 5 seconds.  We ended up playing two games of 3 rounds each.  We even had a tie where we had a "card off" competition between the two leaders.  

A highly recommended game.