6 ways that Nozbe can increase your productivity


There are thousands of productivity tools out there.  Nozbe is the tool I use to track and complete my projects and tasks.  Nozbe helps me get things done.  Here are six ways that Nozbe can increase your productivity.  

1. Nozbe helps you focus on what you need to get done.  Not what you want to or should get done but rather what you need to get done.  You can quickly filter down to right must get done today.  Use the "Priority" Star rating and view and only these tasks will be visible.  Use the Edit button and you can arrange the tasks in priority order.  Then burn down the list from top to bottom.  I try to have only 3 items a day that must get down.  By filtering on "work" or "home" labels I can show the appropriate 3 focus items.

2. Capture all the projects that need to get done - Following the classic and proven GTD approach you can capture all your projects and feel good about having everything in one spot.  For those tasks that don't need multiple steps (projects) to complete just use a "Home" or "Work" project to group these tasks in a "project" and get them out of your Nozbe inbox.  

3. Quickly send thoughts, tasks or projects to Nozbe through email.  Nozbe handles the important task of getting thoughts immediately recorded when you think of them.  You can set up a unique email address that allows you to send items to your in-box.  Set this as a contact in your email application and the address comes right up in your email composer.  A great way to get everything in one spot quickly. 

4. Nozbe is multi-platform.  There are IOS, Mac, Windows, Android versions that sync across platforms.  Regardless of your platform you have your tasks, projects and areas of focus with you everyone.  

5. Nozbe is easy to get started using.  You spend your time getting things done not fiddling with your productivity app.  The tool can be configured as easy or as complicated as you want.  A quick set up of projects and categories and you are ready to go.  Then you can refine your Nozbe configuration as you use the tool. 

6. Nozbe can be used in a team environment to assign and track projects accross a team.  Everyone is synced to what is critical and the most important things are set up to get done.  

7. Nozbe integrates and works well with other tools such as Dropbox and Evernote.  The linking of files and notes in both these applications within Nozbe is awesome.  This really ups your productivity game. 

Look for a future post that describes in detail how I use Nozbe to get things done.