Why I Fish

Why I fish

6791705 I have 79 projects, with 127 tasks to urgently work on.  I have so much to do with of course all of it important.  That is what I need to focus on to be productive and to tick the box “productive day”….or is it?  I often wonder why exactly am I here; is it to accomplish everything, that in the short term, I have labeled  as urgent or important?  Or is it something deeper?

Lately I’m focused on living deeper, and in the moment; living in the now.  Don’t misunderstand this for some sort of hedonistic approach to completely disregarding the future, actually I view it as completely the opposite.  I am worried about looking back from the future when my youngest son is waving good by out the car window.  Will I look back with satisfaction or regret?

This fear of regret is one of the reasons I fish.  There has been nothing that has brought my son and I closer than the love of fishing.  We really have a conversation when we talk fishing.  Not the how was school….fine...brief conversation.  I honestly think in his 11 years he know more about fishing than I do.  We actually learn from each other on this fishing journey.  The best Father’s Day memory will be this year as we sat shoulder to shoulder tying files.  Which they actually caught fish.  I’m always about “following the recipe” where he is creating whatever he comes up with.  And like I said we both caught fish.  There is nothing like seeing someone catch their first fish.  It brings the join the forefront.

There is always a place for the “important projects and task” but I hope you take the time to decide what is really important in the long haul.  That is where fishing comes in for me.  Fishing and spending time with people important to me.  That is why I fish. How about you?