Rediscovering Fishing

Sun streaming down on riverI can remember riding my Schwinn 10 speed Continental sporting my latest cut off shorts, down to the Paint Creek in Rochester Michigan. I couldn't wait to throw my latest home-made plug or fly after whatever fish happen to wander by. My luck was good. Devouring Field & Stream, Sports Afield and the library, with my best friend was my main source of learning. I enjoyed trips everywhere from Lake Huron to Yellowstone Lake. The journey I'm on now is rediscovering fishing. Shakespeare Rod and Reel on top of tackle box

Welcome!!!!Welcome to fishing Through, I will cover all the areas of fishing including fresh water, fly fishing. Fly tying and other things I can get myself into. Weaving in some of my photography along the way, I hope to convey and rekindle the love of fishing I had growing up in Rochester Michigan. I certainly don’t know everything about fishing but I am committed to sharing what I learn and hopefully we can enjoy this wonderful sport together.