Why Do Parents get so Worked up at Youth Sports

Why do parents get so worked up at youth sports?  I wonder if it has something to do with living through your kids?  It seems like the more verbal or fired some of the parents are the parents  supporting the opposing team seem to feel like they need to match the intensity or "support".  Are we not supporting our kids or team enough if we don't match the other teams supporters' intensity or support?

Everything seems to escalate and what good does that do?  Typically by the time we are back in the car on the drive back home or to the hotel the children have forgot about the game and are on to the next thing.  We as parents need to do the same.  Just let it go folks.  I guarantee that no one at the 11 year old Pee Wee Silver Sticks Tournament is getting drafted on Monday.  It ain't happening.   When you signed up for hockey it was for your daughter or son to play hockey.  I don't think they said we are here to win championships or get your child drafted.  All that money is going towards ice time, tournaments, and the ability to haul around putrid hockey equipment in your car. 

Do you think all the bitching and complaining about the coaching really does any good?  Do you ever notice that the biggest complainers are the ones who never volunteer for anything?  Yea so do I.  We just need to enjoy the game, reward the children for their effort and enjoy the experience.  What if  the parents had to line up and shake hands after like the kids do?  Something to think about.