Triathlon Tuesday 3rd Edition

This week’s triathlon gear and training and goodies.

Yoga for Triathletes by Jennifer Alexander CD - Great warm down yoga routine for after workouts.  Really focusses on the lower back and legs. Awesome way to cool down and stretch out.  She also has a full one-hour yoga routine on the CD.  Well worth the $25.  I use this regularly to try and keep my lower body flexible. – This is the go-to triathlon and endurance sport training log.  I have my Garmin account automatically linked to my account so that everything is synced up.  They offer syncing for numerous devices.

If you have a coach, you can log your coach in and they can review your workout data.  

StretchRite Stretching Strap -This strap sits in my home office and I use it daily.  A quick way to easily stretch your hamstrings.  As someone over 50 I am focused on, and spend a lot of time, stretching out and trying to stay flexible.  This is a key tool I use daily.

The One-Hour Bike and Run Race Preparation Workout from Triathlete and coach Mike Ricci, owner of D3 Multisport  -This workout is designed for the Sprint or Olympic distance triathlete that wants a focused time efficient workout.  Mike gets you through a great bike and run workout in an hour. 

Thule 9029XT Hitch Mounted Four-Bike Rack -This hitch mounted rack comes in a four and two bike option.  I have the four bike option.  This is a heavy, solid rack that includes sway straps, folding arms and the ability to fold the rack down to allow access to the back of your vehicle.  This rack also installs with one bolt which although extremely secure, allows for removal in less than a minute.