6 Additional Features Available With the Garmin 920XT


I train with the Garmin 920XT.  Along with the top-level features, options and benefits I thought I would highlight some of what I consider the second tier features and benefits. Here are six features you may not know about.

 1.    Track Steps – I wear my watch all day and track my steps.  It also sets a goal for you each day based on the number of steps you historically walk.  Your goal is updated daily. Kayak paddle strokes are even counted as steps if you paddle for exercise.

 2.   Metronome – Using a metronome can help increase your run cadence.  No need to get a separate app for this, this feature is built right in.

3.   Auto Pause – This feature automatically stops the watch when you stop or your speed drops below a certain level.  Now you don’t have to be that guy…. jogging in place at the stoplight.

4.   Sleep Tracking – Enable the sleep track mode and if you wear your watch to bed your key sleep metrics will be tracked.

5.   Action Camera controlled – You can control your Garmin VIRB camera from the watch.  Pair the device with your watch and you can control the camera through the watch timer or manual functions.

 6.   Phone Notifications – Pair the watch with your compatible Bluetooth phone and get notified when messages are received on your phone.  You can set when notifications are on and off.

I actually found these features by reading the manual.  I recommend downloading the PDF version of the manual from Garmin.  With this document the Table of Contents and Index are hyperlinked to the specific section.  I hope this helps you get the most out of your Garmin 920XT.