Triathlon Training while Traveling

This weekend I enjoyed a weekend away from home with the family.  This driving vacation offered a lot towards my training.  

I was able to ride a completely different course.  A fun loop around Stony Creek Metropark was enjoyable, challenging and a great change of pace.

I was able to get a strength training workout in with the equipment at the house we were staying at.  Different equipment allowed me to change up my strength routine and try something new.  I was able to challenge different muscle groups. 

I was also able to get in a nice leisure recovery ride with the family as we all brought our bikes.  It was fun to see a Tri-bike, a racing bike and a beach cruiser all sharing space on the hitch rack.  

I was able to practice packing for an out-of-town race (which I have coming up in a few weeks at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon).  This try run was a great way to see how I was going to transport my nutrition, what gear I really needed, and what tools I needed to bring.  Even down to the clothing I needed.  I forgot nothing and as always relied upon my checklists.

I would say that if you have a trip coming up don’t discount or suspend your training - take advantage of the opportunity to:

  •  Clear your mind
  • Ride, run or swim somewhere different
  • Energy your training with a change of scenery
  • Practice packing and preparing for an out of town event.

It was a great way to jumpstart my training and to enjoy a long weekend from home.  I hope you get to do the same during your training.