Triathlon Tuesday 5th Edition

Here is this week’s edition.

5 Ways For Beginner Triathletes to Get Faster – From the blog.  As a beginning triathlete I found these practical tips useful.  I will be reviewing these tips as I go through my year in review and plan for next year.

Nautica Malibu Triathlon - All of my races have been in Ohio.  I decided to pick an A race that was completely different.  This will allow me to race with my older boys and completely get out of my comfort zone.  Open water ocean swim sure isn’t the state park!  Are you getting out of your comfort zone?

Kinetic Cyclone Trainer -  Here in the Midwest it is tough to ride outside year-round.  I rely on this wind resistance trainer for early morning and poor weather rides.  I can quickly put my bike on and off and is extremely stable. It does not have a power meter or electronic resistance adjustment.



Stages Power Meter – I just installed this power meter on my Cervelo and I’m enjoying the data.  I will have a detailed review later on this power meter but for less than $600 this single side meter is working for me.  The power and cadence data has been helpful for me as I train for my last race of 2016.