Triathlon Tuesday 4th Edition

This week’s installment is all wet.  This is the gear I use both in the pool and open water.

Blueseventy Men's Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit – In the Midwest most races through June are wetsuit legal.  I picked up the wetsuit from our team’s sponsoring store Up and Running.  At tip – look for a local wetsuit day.  This is a great opportunity to try it in the water before you buy it.

TYR Special OPS 2.0 transition goggles - These goggles have polarized lenses that adjust to the sunlight.  They work equally well in the pool and open water.  I have settled on these to have one pair that I can dial in the fit.  I do carry two other pair just in case.

 TYR SPORT EBP Burner Fin – Fins are a critical tool for our swim workouts.  A must-have training tool.  This fin fits extremely well and is just the right length for my swim development.

TYR 2.0 Ultralite Snorkel – A quality swim snorkel that fits well around the head and is just all enough to function in the pool.  Another tool used weekly. Also comes with two air restrictors; although I rarely use them.

Speedo Team Pull Buoy – This tool allows you to focus on your stroke, and body tautness.  We use the swim buoy a lot during warmups.  Typically used with swim paddles.

TYR Catalyst Contour Training Paddles I use these along with the pull buoy to focus on stroke form while stabilizing my lower body and eliminating the kick.

Finis Kick Board – Any kickboard will work.  This is the one I chose.  Workhorse for working on your kick and elevating your heart rate during warm-ups.

Equinox Nylon Mesh Stuff Sack 23 x 36 – This bag is big enough to carry all my gear to the gym or lake.  The mesh is critical to allow my gear to air dry.  Tip – buy bigger than you think you need.