Get Your Kayaks Properly Stored with a Hoist Storage System

With three kayaks I needed a storage solution that got the kayaks out of the way and allowed easy access to the kayaks during the season.  My family and I go out almost every weekend so a storage system that was easy to get them in and out of was key.  The Sontax Kayak hoist system fit the bill for me.

Storage Basics

There are a variety of ways to store your kayak; some good some bad.  You can stand them up in the corner; you can put them on horizontal racks against the way, you can hang them from the ceiling, and you can even lay them on the floor. 

Within the kayak storage solution space there are commercial options and DIY options.  Both are fine it’s just how much time and skill you have, along with the characteristics of your space.  If you have a dedicated space just for your kayaks than maybe a simple rack system or even on the floor will work.

The location that I have for storing my kayaks is our detached garage and the kayaks will share the space with a vehicle, garden tools and other sports equipment.  This space is definitely not a fully dedicated kayak storage spot.

From researching how to store a kayak, I wanted something that supports the kayak at multiple points and keeps it from getting banged and knocked around.  Supporting the kayak at one pressure point can lead to potential warping and deformation. 

I also wanted something that would keep the off the floor and above head height. 

Kayak storage items to consider:

  1. Do you have a space dedicated to kayaks storage or will the space be shared?
  2. How many kayaks do you need to store?
  3. How often are you going to use your kayaks?
  4. Characteristics of your space (high ceilings, long wall space, etc.)
  5. Budget for storage system
  6. Do you want to build it yourself or purchase

I live in the Midwest so I will be using my boats a lot during April – October and then they will be stored during the winter.  I have a detached garage with high ceilings (10.5 ft.) that services as a multi-purpose room with a car, and other outdoor stuff.  The space gets a lot of traffic.

 I decided on a pulley / hoist system to store my three kayaks close to the ceiling and out of the way.  I needed the boats to be high enough so you could both walk and park a vehicle underneath.


 I considered building my own pulley system until I saw the Sontax Kayak Hoist system at Menards for under $25.  My time is worth something and between my time and the coast of the materials purchasing a system was a no brainer for me.

The system’s general specifications include:

  • Rack, pulley system, mounting system, hardware, rope
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with a black powder-coat finish
  • Pulley system easily hoists goods up to 100 pounds to ceiling
  • Ceiling mount design keeps the goods up and out of the way, allowing room for vehicles to park under
  • Safe locking mechanism prevents accidental release
  • Capacity 100 LBs


The hoist was easy to install.  By the third hoist it took me about 30 minutes from box to ceiling.  The hoist included everything I needed except for the length of 2x4 that I used.  This wood is optional but I would suggest it.

Installation points to consider:

  • Need to determine which way you will install considering the length of the kayak and the size of your space.
  • Need to determine which way your ceiling joists are running.
  • For multiple kayaks you need to measure the width of each boat and ensure that you install the hoists far enough apart.
  • Need to install these on the ceiling joists or a piece of 2x4 attached to the joints.  As you can see from my installation, I installed the individual brackets on a 2x4 and then secured the 2x4 to the ceiling.
  • Using another piece of wood allowed more flexibility in terms of how close the individual pulleys were.  I wanted to make sure than the kayak supports were not too close together but at a good to properly distributed the weight.  Mine are about 48  inches apart.  I have 11.5 foot sit-on-top kayaks.


As an active family we needed a storage system that would keep the kayaks safe, while allowing access on the weekly basis during the summer.  As an active baby boomer I needed a system that was easy to get the kayaks in and out of.  With two people this system is easy and you can lower the pulleys and get the kayak out and transferred to your vehicle or trailer.  The system needed to allow for the garage to remain multiple uses. 

The Sontax Kayak Hoist Storage System did just that.  I would highly recommend it.