Easy Way to Play your IPhone on Sonos

Connecting your phone or music device to your Sonos couldn't be easier. If you Sonos has a Line In connector you are all set.  The Play 5 has one.  All you need is a standard headphone jack cord to attach your phone to the Sonos Line-In port. 

After you have your phone connected, select Line -In Under the "Select a Music Source" menu. 

Within the Line-In menu select your Audio Component that should be your phone. After that you can control playback with all the normal Sonos player controls. 

I use this method to quickly listen to podcasts on my IPhone.  This is also a quick way to hook up a friend's phone to your Sonos system.  You can listen to music this way as well, but it is much easier to load all your music into your Sonos system.  I hope this helps.